"SHELL-SHOCKS" Protective Beanie w/ Pad

Our "Shell-Shocks" Protective Beanie provides comfort and protection with our patented Shell-Shock pad integrated into the beanie. The pad is held in our wool-lined pocket and can be removed for everyday use. Our beanie provides you with a stylish and safe option for those engaged in sports or any activity where there could be risk of a rear fall or impact. 

  • Removable Shell-Shock Pad
  • Wool Pad Pocket
  • Can be Purchased With or Without Pad
  • One Size Fits All
  • Lab Tested to exceed ASTM Compliance


The "Shell-Shocks" beanie really is a one-of-a-kind product blending the look and feel of your standard beanie with the proven benefits of our Shell-Shock pad that can help reduce energy transfer in rear impacts by up to 40%.


Rear head impacts can result in lasting damage to your brain, commonly referred to as TBI (traumatic brain injury). The injuries are especially harmful in young people while their brains are still developing. While not all injury in sports and activities can be prevented, it is our goal to try to reduce the occurrence or severity of injury for rear head impacts, when worn properly.


Integrating our patented Shell-Shocks pad takes this from your everyday hat to a proven protective beanie that can reduce the impact from a rear fall. Once you're done getting rad you can remove the pad and wear it just like you would any other beanie. Also, with the option to buy our Shell-Shock beanie separate from the pad, you can switch the pad between multiple beanies to whatever matches your style that day.


We knew we had to make sure this actually worked so we enlisted the help of a 3rd party test facility to get the facts on what kind of protection the pad provides. According to our tests, impact transfer in a rear fall or impact is reduced by up to 40%