"SHELL-SHOCKS" External Helmet Pad

The Shell-Shocks helmet pad is designed to be added to your current helmet to provide extra protection in a rear head impact.

  • Can be added to most helmets
  • Comes with velcro adhesive
  • Lab Tested to exceed ASTM Compliance

The "Shell-Shock" beanie really is a one-of-a-kind product blending the style and look of your everyday beanie with the proven benefits of our Shell-Shock pad that can help reduce energy transfer in rear impacts by up to 40%.


Rear falls can sometimes be more damaging that front falls. Part of this problem is the fact that some people are able to break their fall with their hands when falling forward. However, with rear falls it is much more difficult to have any kind of cushion before impact. Plus, the effects of whiplash can amplify the forces on your head when hitting the ground.


We knew we had to make sure this actually worked so we enlisted the help of a 3rd party test facility to get the facts on what kind of protection the pad provides. According to our tests, impact transfer in a rear fall or impact is reduced by up to 40%.